BOTOX® is a treatment for forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines which can make you look older or tired.

BOTOX® is a dilute, purified form of Botulinum toxin which relaxes muscles. A small amount of BOTOX® is injected into a muscle using a very fine needle causing wrinkles to soften or often disappear. By applying a topical anesthetic cream or ice prior to injecting, you will only feel a slight sting. A typical treatment takes 10 minutes, and results are seen in 4-7 days.

There are no serious side effects to using BOTOX®. You may feel slight soreness but this is uncommon. There is no down-time and no decrease in sensation or numbness in treated areas.

Results after injection may last 3-9 months depending on the number of prior treatments. With repeated treatments, most patients find their results longer lasting than initially.
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