Birthmarks are present at birth or appear soon after. They are often permanent but some can fade. Most are harmless, but they should always be checked out by your pediatrician or a dermatologist.

Birthmarks range in appearance. A café au lait spot is light brown, may occur anywhere on the body and is usually single. If you have multiple café au lait spots or a large one, it can be a sign of an underlying condition.

A congenital nevus is a dark mole which can be large in size. If very large, there may be an increased risk of melanoma later in life and should be checked regularly.

A Mongolian spot is dark brown or gray/blue in color, and is often on the trunk of babies of Asian, Hispanic or African descent. They are harmless.

Birthmarks can form from blood vessels, such as Port Wine Stains or hemangiomas. Most are benign and do not require treatment.


Most birthmarks are harmless, however there are options if treatment is wanted to improve symptoms or cosmetic appearance. Among the options include laser treatments or surgical removal.

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