Cyst/Lipoma Removal

Epidermoid Cysts can occur anywhere on the body but more commonly on the scalp, ears, back, face and upper arm. They are smooth to the touch and vary in size. They can contain fibrous tissue or fluid, a fatty substance called keratin, or pus-like or bloody material.

Treatment of the cyst involves its complete excision including its capsule or it may recur. We will numb the area, then either lance the cyst or remove it completely depending on if it is inflamed.

Lipomas are benign fatty tumors and are very common. They are soft to the touch, painless and usually movable. They can occur at any age.

Treatment of lipomas involves our dermatologists excising, or cutting out, the lipoma, then suturing the wound closed. As well liposuction can be used in some cases, but if the entire tumor is not removed, then the lipoma may regrow.

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